City of Sisters Oregon Annexes Eagle Airport

In February the City of Sisters voted to annex the Eagle airport property into the city.

A new Honda like this will be
seen at this Airport in 2015 
The vote was unanimous, a powerful statement of support from the city for the stated goal of creating a business incubation center targeted to renewable energy.  Among other benefits the newly expanded, privately owned airport will have a more effective zoning structure that will facilitate commercial development that suits the communities interests.

Renewable Energy Incubator 

The airport is owned by the entrepreneur team of Benny and Julie Benson, both engineers and the founders of ENERGYneering Solutions, Inc.®. Specialists in renewable energy from design engineering to operations now headquartered at the airport.

They hired Hobbs Magaret to take charge of managing the airport. He spearhead the effort to expand and resurface the runway.  Working with the Oregon Department of Transportation public-private partnership program  Hobbs lead a successful grant application to obtain the necessary funding. Last year the expanded airstrip reopened in May 2013.  Now 3550 feet in length and 60 feet wide the airstrip serves a much broader range of aircraft including many private and corporate jets.

With the completion of the annexation they plan to attract other businesses in the renewable energy industry to  locate in the Eagle Airport region.

Sisters is long known as a hamlet of artists and thinkers, inspired by the splendor of the region. In many ways the science of sustainability is an art in and of itself.  Applying he cycle of life to the cold absolutes of engineering and limitations of physics to reach the maximum efficiency and minimizing impact on our world. That's art, isn't it?  

The focus on renewable energy fits well into the regions environmental culture as well, it will expand the alternative energy industry "talent" and businesses clustering in the region.  

The public-private partnership concept has served this community well. 

The Evolution of Travel...

Another economic opportunity for the area, the high end lodging industry in particular, is the increase in private travel amongst the affluent and business travelers. As reported earlier the emergence of Honda's new jet will likely increase the rate of growth in private air travel. Honda has a history of doing just that in both the automobile and motorcycle industries.

Understanding this market and developing strategies to target it will dramatically increase off-season travel and "select" room rates in all seasons. One of the best examples in the country of how to attract this growing jet traveler is Bandon Dunes. Newport Airport is also having success in this market.

The artisan community stand to do very well also, in particular, fine arts galleries will see more 'well heeled' buyers and I suspect  architects and designers will have an opportunity to see them as well. Unique home furnishings also, the affluent will direct their Interior and exterior designers to sources for unique furniture and woodcraft, furniture and wood crafters from throughout the region would benefit by understanding this market.

Expanded and resurfaced runway is 3550 Long and 60 Feet wide.

Runway Info 


ENERGYneering Solutions, Inc.® (ESI) is an innovative engineering, construction, and operations firm committed to providing quality renewable energy solutions in today’s rapidly changing energy markets.

NOTE TO READER: This is a research project in process, I am not affiliated with any of the parties other than those identified as sponsors. All information is to the best of my understanding and  is subject to review and changes.


Honda's "Sexy" new jet is on Track for 2015 Q1 Delivery in USA

Over 20 years in development the Honda Jet is on track to complete FAA required test flights and last word is that deliveries should take place in the first quarter of 2015.

Yet to be seen, and heard, the effects of the radical engine placement include creating a sexy new look that will demand attention on the field and in the air.

The New Jet on the Block 
Honda on track for FAA final approval
2015 Q1

Will Honda's revolutionary designs and composites 
drive open a new era in the light jet market?